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The Full Story


The Residence in Nea Filothei is designed to host a family of a married couple. This project refers to a complete interior renovation of a 60 years old house, where only the foundation were kept intact.

The owners expressed their desire for open spaces, and linear simplicity.

The restrictions of the already existing foundations and walls, where studied as challenges and not as obstacles.

Functionality, clean lines and bright spaces are the goals to be kept.

Loukas 27 April 2022_FINAL_Saloni 2V.jpg


On the white long wall of the living room, most of the uses find their place. The rest area is left as minimal as possible so as to allow the natural light to flood in, as well as for the circulation and movement inside the space to remain unobstructed.


A friendly and cosy atmosphere has always been the objective for the Nea Filothei Residence. The house expects to host some friends, kids and Sunday activities under the arched windows and near the fireplace.

Loukas 27 April 2022_FINAL_Saloni View to Entrance.jpg
Loukas 27 April 2022_FINAL_TZAKI+SALONI.jpg
Loukas 28 April 2022_FINAL_lIVNG rVEW TO KITCHEN.jpg

The Kitchen Mission

The Kitchen has also been a case study itself for the Residence. The owners expressed their need for a smart separation between the living -room and the Kitchen, thus the tall glass wall which "blurs" the strict lines between the two spaces, while maintaining privacy and separation of activities.

Loukas 28 April 2022_FINAL_Kitchen.jpg

Enjoy the mornings the way they should be

Loukas 28 April 2022_FINAL_Kitchen VIEW FROM FIREPLACE.jpg

Reading Corners
& Secret Refugees

Loukas 26 April 2022_FINAL_Low Rise Desk.jpg
Loukas April 2022_22-4-22 _TZAKI.jpg

Remain in silence

On the opposite side of the living room, a silent reading corner with retreat on the wall secures the most relaxing moments of the owners. The sounds and colors of the fireplace lower the paces and the favorite book turns into a dreamy nostalgia.

The Bedroom

Loukas_V2 High Res Bedroom.jpg
Loukas_V2 High Res Bedroom_open door.jpg

Multi functional,
Bright and
with a walk in closet


Loukas_V2_Ypnodwmatio_NEMO FLACA.jpg

The Mission of Privacy

The most serene and private moments of the coupled are going to be shared in a spacious and clean white bedroom, spiced with colors of oak and  touches of marble. The walk-in closet adds another level of functionality and division of space, while the boudoir in marble and Baroque shapes sets a different tone to the rest of the house. It is there that an essence of pure aristocracy and elegance can find themselves in absolute abundance.

Loukas_V2_Ypnodwmatio LUx Light_Limestone view to window.jpg
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