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The Full Story


The Residence for family of 4 in Symi, has been a challenging and dreamy project.

The essence of luxury and warmness of a friendly house combined with the local morphological restrictions, led to an Architectural design that evokes Neoclassical elements as well as the functionality of modernism.

Symi Project FINAL RENDER.jpg
Symi Project FINAL RENDER.jpg


Keeping the Neoclassical aura of a vintage home, while blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors of a summer house.

Symi Project 10.jpg


Allowing the family to indulge themselves into a classy environment without compromising in terms of functionality.

Symi Project 10.jpg


"I was impressed by the final design. Detail and looseness at its best."

Dreamy Sunsets, glorious mornings.

Symi Project MAY 2021 LIVING ROOM 2.jpg
Symi Project MAY 2021 LIVINMG ROOM 3.jpg

Relax at your pace

The living room was designed with the intention to flirt between nostalgic aesthetics from antiquity, wile embracing the daily life of a family. Sounds, movement and dreamy sunsets are all welcome in this  space.

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