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Project: “Event Hall in Korinthos” ,                                                                   Architectural Design: Androniki Skoula

                                                                                                                   Supervision: Panos Chatzigiannis A1 Architects

                                                                                                                                                                                   May 2010



The project "Event Hall in Korinthos" was designed with a view to hosting mainly Wedding and Baptism Celebrations, according to the client's wish. The aesthetic sensibility of the design circulated around the main axis of the design which has been the silent inauguration of the visitors to the ceremonial celebration. Architectural design in this project aspires to combine the visual sensation that the vast landfield of the site naturally evokes, to the technical demands of a Hall that must fully serve its hosting purpose to the last minute.


Korinthos is an ancient city, cited in Peloponesse in the south-central Greece. Favoured by nature and history, Korinthos is a geographical crossroad as well as a mystical destination. In this emblematic area, near the notorious Corinth Canal on the top of a hill with breathtaking sea view, the project of a Hall aspirant to host Wedding and Baptism Celebrations will be constructed.

With a goal of enhancing the functionality and the mystique aura of the setting, architecture will work as a corridor to a sanctuary. The visitor's journey sets out at the beginning of the long pathway leading to the main entrance of the building. It is there on the left side of the pathway that a humble cove awaits for the visitor to pilgrimage on the shrine with the few candles dimly lighting the walls. You can stay or you can pass by, but certainly you glance.


From this point some may  see in the background the open bar with the thriving native Mediterranean trees ready to host the visitor under their friendly shadow, or can simply choose to walk towards the large glass doors of the Reception. The indoor area mostly comprises of the reception, the kitchen, supplementary offices and works as a womb preparing the guests to enter the main hall where the party takes place. 

The incomparable Greek climate gives the architect the freedom to create a basically open area to host the tables of the hall while securing it from the rare unfortunate weather patterns with a movable awning and movable glass curtains.

Time goes by and the guests are about to leave, the married couple will retreat to the warm bungalow at the back of the main hall, or in the case of a a baptism the newborn baby and the parents eventually will get some rest.


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