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Androniki Skoula - Singer - Architect - Communication Designer

"I seek to immortalize the last living fragments of memory. Any form of aesthetic artistry that flatters and comforts the brutality of their story barely arouses my interest.

A creator must not appeal for public's compassion through its art ."

Androniki Skoula was born in Athens, Greece in 1982, while her origins are  from Herakleion, Crete . She grew up in Athens and graduated from the CGS school of Athens.

She is an Architect Engineer, a classical singer(mezzo-soprano), singer of the avant-garde band “Chaostar” and a Graphic Designer.She is a holder of an MEng degree in Architecture (Architect Engineer) from the Technical University of Athens in (2008) and of an MArts degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from the Univeristy of Derby (GB)(Vakalo Art & Design College)(2016). Androniki also possesses the Diplome of  “Expertise in French Literature and Language” from the Université Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV(2001). She is also a Classical singer (mezzo-soprano) and obtained her Diploma in Classical singing(2012), after having accomplished a 6-year training next to the vocal coach ,Effie Adeilini(official representative of  the, ABRSM, in Greece), at the Hellenic Conservatory (Athens) and succeeding the final exams with honorary distinction, award of 1st prize and Gold Medal honoris causa  . In 2015 she went to Berlin and studed next to the renown soprano Mikaela Kaune indulging herself deeper into the classical training of the voice.

In 2009 she becomes the new singer of the experimental band “Chaostar” whose leader is the mastermind of “Septicflesh” Christos Antoniou and together they proceeded for the next 8 years in the release of 2 new albums worldwide under the titles “Anomima” (2013)and “The Undivided Light”(2018) under the French label “Season of Mist”. She also created  and supervised the artwork and the Art-direction of the album “The Undivided Light” released on March the 23rd of 2018.

In 2010 she participates in 2 art exhibitions in Athens (Art Tower)(2010) next to famous architects and artists such as Dimitri Vlassis and Alexandros Tombazis under the title "Art and Architecture".

As a soloist she has also sang as in several Athenian Halls such as M.Cacoyiannis Foundation, Megaron Mousikis Athens and Fuzz music club and she has cooperated with renown metal bands such as R.Christ, Septicflesh, Hate, Lloth and more.

In 2015 she created the posters for the avant-garde musical composition of Christos Antoniou under the name "Endopterigosis" performed at Saint Petersburg , Russia and the poster for the avant-garde musical composition "Fosferatu" written again by Christos Antoniou and performed in Athens in the Cacoyiannis Foundation. In "Fosferatu" Androniki participated herself also as the soloist singer of the composition.

Recently she participated at the Periptero Kiosk in Kassel(Germany) are part of her project for the demands of the modules at “Vakalo Art & Design College” during her studies there in the “MA in Visual Communication”.

Until today she has worked as an Architect Engineer in numerous Engineering Companies in Athens (Skoulas-Konteas. P.Hatzigiannis -Architects, Elxis -Engineering Consultants ) and she currently works  in the Environmental Sustainability Company, ZEB. During the past years she worked on Architectural designing solutions and mostly on Electrical Engineering projects of great scale such as Electric Lighting of Avenues, Schools, Public Services Buildings etc. At the moment her expertise at ZEB company, focuses mostly on Energy Sustainability projects that aim to promote energy saving improvements and promote Renewable Energy Sources(RES).



Derby University(UK) - Vakalo College of Arts and Design - MArts in Graphic Design


The Hellenic Conservatory of Athens - Diploma in Classical Singing (mezzo-soprano)


National Technical University of Athens - MEng, B.Arch Architect Engineer


Costeas Geitonas School - Graduate

Awards & Certificates





Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI)


U.S. Green Building Council


U.S. Green Building Council


First Prize and gold medal honoris causa in Classical Singing Exam.- "The Hellenic Conservatory, Athens"




"Courage and Hope", Mixed Technique

Curator: Ludwig Moeller (Research and Teaching Center of Enterpreneurship Education of Univeristy of Kassel)

Kassel, Germany


"Biophilic and Sustainable Design. The Reason Behind Your Smile.", video

Curator: Berlin Design Week 2021

Berlin, Germany


"Periptero, Der Kulturkiosk", Mixed Technique

Curator: Ludwig Moeller (Research and Teaching Center of Enterpreneurship Education of Univeristy of Kassel)

Kassel, Germany


"Αrt and Architecture", mixed Technique - Artower Exhibition Center

Curator: Maria Kalognomou





Art Direction - Concept Realisation - Artwork - Visual Representation 

Band: Chaostar

Album: “The Undivided Light”.

Label: Season of Mist 2018 (FR)


2015- Today

Creative Architect Engineer NTUA, member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, specialized in Energy Sustainability Industry with demonstrated history of working in Electromechanical Engineering projects and holder of the SITES AP®, LEED AP® O+M and LEED Green® Associate™ accreditation. Skilled in AutoCAD, Design Builder, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD Architecture, InDesign Adobe, Photoshop Adobe, Illustrator Adobe. Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Arts - MA focused in Design and Visual Communications, from University of Derby and holder of Diploma in Classical Singing. Singer and Lyricist of the Avant-garde band Chaostar.Currently working at ZEB a company that aims to optimize energy efficiency in public and private organizations through energy savings, the use of alternative energy sources and better use of human and financial resources. She involves herslef in Environmental Sustainability projects and she holds an  expertise in Building Energy Consumption Simulation.

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