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Anomima                                                                                                                                  ReleaseDate 10 May 2013

"Anomima" via Season of Mist is Chaostar's fourth full-length studio album and boasts several important cooperations like those of David Vincent, Fernando Ribeiro and  the Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Prague. A controversial amalgama of different musical styles and sounds, blended with traditional instruments and classical forms makes "Anomima" the benchmark of a new era. Androniki is the voice and the mind behind the majority of the lyrics.

Artwork done by Metastazis

Chaostar's Anomima
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  • Chaostar "ANOMIMA"



Track Listing


1) MA

2)Un Pensiero Per Il Destino

3)Sorrow Descending


5)Dilate The Time

6)Les Réminiscences Extatiques

7)Truth Will Prevail

8)Όμορφη Κόρη

9)The Charmer

10)L'idée Fixe

11)Misery’s King


Lyrics by Androniki Skoula

Lyrics on "MA" by George Diamantopoulos

Lyrics on "Misery's King" by Sotiris Vagenas

Music composed and orchestrated by Christos Antoniou

Music on "The Charmer" by George Diamantopoulos

Music on "Misery's King" by Sotiris Vagenas and Christos Antoniou

The Orchestra was recorded at CNSO Studio Gallery, Prague.

Performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Prague.

Music Contractor and Recording Manager: Petr Pycha

Sound Engineer: Jan Kotzmann

Assistant Engineer: Cenda Kotzmann

Conductor: Adam Klemens

Dubstep on "Truth Eill Prevail" at Sound abuse Productions by Psychon (Nyne)

Loop on "Misery's King": Johnny Zero (Elysion)

Bass on "The Charmer": Nikos Kollias

Guest Vocals on "Medea": David Vincent (Morbid Angel)

Guest Vocals on "Dilate The Time": Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell)

Byzantine Hymns on "Medea": Giannis Papanikolaou

Recordings : Devasoundz Studios, Athens

Mixing & Mastering : Lambros Sfyris

Sound Engineer : Fotis Benardo

Production : Christos Antoniou & Fotis Benardo

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