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Thesis: “Center of sports and recreation at Koudouriotika” ,                                              NTUA/Athens, Feb 2008

MEng. - Bachelor in Architecture Engineering                                                                                                                                                

The Graduate thesis submitted on the February of 2008 to the National Technical Universty of Athens, in support of obtaining the degree of Master in Engineering/ Bachelor in Architecture, deals with the creation of a widely extended area of ​​recreation and sport, accompanied by a series of outdoor spaces, in the area of ​​Kountouriotika near the neighborhood of Ambelokipoi close to the center of Athens and next to the stadium of Panathinaikos.
Taking into account the sporting and historical tradition of the region as well as its educational character, we aspire to eliminate its state of isolation, in the hope of making it a hyper-local attraction, enhancing the habit of sport and serving the needs of the Kountourian neighborhood.



The neighborhood of Kountouriotika is bounded by its location between the foothills of the landmark hill of Lycabetus and the Stadium of Panathinaikos in the center of Athens.
The future demolition of the PAO's stadium, the prospect of replacing it with a park, as well as the ambition to connect the urban web with Lycabetus, consists the area of Kountouriotika as the transition zone from the urban surface of Alexandra's Avenue to the more friendly area of Lycabetus.

As a result, we created an architectural path towards Lycabettus, which is accompanied by alternating soft and hard surfaces, including outdoor sports facilities, as well as a building unit that will house indoor sports facilities, a public library, a computer room and finally a cafeteria restaurant.


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