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Group Exhibition "Art and Architecture", Artower, Athens,Greece                     Vol.1  May 2010- Vol.2 Nov. 2010

The Exhibition "Art and Architecture" based in Athens and hosted by Artower Center, hits the Athenian agenda on May and November of 2010, on the ocassion of the UNESCO Declaration for the year 2010-2011 as the "World Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean". Well-known artists and architects aim through their creations to expose a coherent and personal view over the synergy between art and architecture, by taking inspiration from this special year.
The curator Maria Kalognomou sought to round up contemporary architects and artists in order to map their artistic angle over the modern society. The Exhibition includes pieces from acclaimed figures such as Alexandros Tombazis, Dimitris Vlassis and Dimitris Tsigkos.

Τhird-party contractor: Androniki Skoula

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