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The Undivided Light                                                                                                        ReleaseDate 23 of March 2018

The Undivided Light is the latest Chaostar album, released and supported by the French music label Season of Mist on the 23rd of March 2018.

Androniki is the singer and the lyricist of all the songs in "The Undivided Light".

Next to this she created the artwork of the album and she was responsible for the art-direction , costumes and wardrobe of the photo shootings.

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The Undivided Light

Track Listing


1) Tazama Jua


3)Stones and Dust

4)The Undivided Light


6)Silent Yard

7)Ying and Yang


All lyrics written by Androniki Skoula

Music on "Tazama Jua" by Christos Antoniou

Music on "Blutbad" by Christos Antoniou & Nikolas Velentzas

Music on "Stones and Dust" by Christos Antoniou & Androniki Skoula

Music on "The Undivided Light" by Charalampos Paritsis & Christos Antoniou

Music on "Μέμνησο" by Christos Antoniou & Androniki Skoula

Music on "Silent Yard" by Christos Antoniou & Nikolaos Vlentzas

Music on "Ying and Yang" by Nikolaos & Velentzas

Celo : Kiara Konstantinou

Guitars on "Ying and Yang" : George Emmanuel and Greg Eleutheriou

Guitars on "Blutbad" : Nikolas Velentzas

Duduk :Vahan Galstyan

Santur : Stella Valasi

Margarita Stadler on "Blutbad"

Recordings : Zero Gravity Studios, Athens

Mixing : David Castillo

Mastering : Thomas "Plec" Johansson, Panic Room Productions, Stockholm, Sweeden

Sound Engineer : Terry Nikas

Production : Christos Antoniou

Photography: Lambros Mentzos

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